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Founded in 2013 with the passion and the more than 15 years of experience of its founders, with headquarters in Vigo, sales office in Barcelona (Spain), and subsidiary in Panama, Syntelix is an international niche provider of satellite communication solutions for the enterprise market.

Our aim is to supply cost-effective end-to-end satcoms solutions to companies and organisations for mobility, remote and occasional communications needs. As well, we provide consulting and engineering services.

Vision Statement

  • To be a leading provider in terrestrial and maritime satcoms for business.
  • To provide a “one stop shop” to business managers for all their global satcom demands.
  • To be a dynamic and costumer-centric provider, ready to think and act globally, providing efficiency and thought experience.

Mission Statement

  • To assist our clients with the best professional service in our industry.
  • To provide unbeatable quality and solid reliability at the most competitive value, exceeding customer expectations.
  • To contribute to the professional and personal development of our team members.

Values Statement

  • Be a professionally managed company that believes in sustainable and loyal long term relationships.
  • Engage the organization with safety and health, behaving with moral integrity and respect.
  • Encourage participation, sharing information and knowledge. Promote innovation and improvement.

Our Team

At Syntelix we are a young, agile and enthusiastic organization, passionate about technology with a multidisciplinary character, although we are specialized in the niche of satellite communication technologies.

Our team is composed of professionals with extensive experience in the design, development, implementation and operation of satcom solutions for companies, both in the small business segment as well as in the medium and large segments, both nationally and internationally.


Business, International Commerce and Management


FTE, ITIL & Operations


IT Security & IT Systems


IP, MPLS, VPN Engineering


Satellite & WiMAX/WIFI technologies


Our Magnitudes

Ph.D. or Master


Bachelor or Senior Engineer


Technical or Diploma Engineer


Senior Cycle


Professional Experience

< 5 years


From 5 to 10 years


From 10 to 15 years


> 15 years







Four or more languages


Work with Us

In Syntelix we are convinced that innovation and competitiveness demands constant dynamism and renewal, so we are permanently open to incorporate new talent into the team.

If you are interested in what we do, or you do think you have things to offer, do not hesitate to send us your resume to jobs@syntelix.net.

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