Corporate Networks over Satellite

Dedicated, mesh or backhaul satellite connectivity using VSAT

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In our current global economy business happens in any region. That's why in many cases companies's distributed architecture, regardless of their topology, is difficult to interconnect. This situation is even more challenging when business takes places in emerging countries or at sea.

Syntelix vsat

We provide the latest professional satellite connectivity technologies for corporate networks, fitting any type of architecture and demand: trunk, backhaul point-to-point, mesh or hybrid.

Connectivity solutions based on VSAT, suitable for the interconnection of remotes offices or business assets located in very remote areas where terrestrial infrastructures do not exist, as well as a network backup solution.


  • Point-to-Point, Meshed or Hybrid Networks
  • Up to 100Mbps trunks
  • Private Connectivity & Dedicated Capacity
  • Permanent & On Demand Links


  • 100% Coverage & Multi-band
  • Immediate Installation, Not Intrusive
  • Unparalleled Reliability & Quality
  • Not Relying on Local Infraestructures

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