Telemetry & M2M over Satellite

Remote Telemetry and M2M Solutions based on VSAT or MSS

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Connect with your most remote assets using SCADA, any M2M or other IP capable system, in a reliable and secure way with our global satellite connectivity solutions for telemetry and remote control. We offer a variety of services in both broadband and narrowband as well as under different form factors and low power requirements.

Syntelix vsat

Global monitoring and control solutions based on VSAT and MSS for any type of industrial applications. Ideal in extreme environment locations or in remote countries, as well as a link backup solution.


  • Permanent, On Demand or Store & Forward Links
  • Access Internet, private MPLS or VPN
  • From 16kbps up to 50Mbps
  • One-way or Two-way Connections


  • 100% coverage anywhere
  • Inmediate Installation, Not Intrusive
  • European Standard Quality
  • Independent of Local Lines

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